Things I did today

Installed windows on six machines
Went back and redid one of them because it had to go to a different client
11th hour data transfer on yet another machine for tomorrow morning
3 machines to fix
8 phone support sessions.

More work in the last 5 hours of the day than in the past 3 days combined

(no subject)

For reasons unknown, my MSN shat all over itself and deleted basically everyone that I had on there.

So, to people who still read this, just message me on MSN so I can re-add you.

(no subject)

So in my quest of news sites to see if I could find out what the fuck those loud, constant, repetitive booming noises were, I found a story about a sixteen year old that got ganged raped at a rave in B.C., had pictures and videos taken of it, and posted on facebook.

What the fuck