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[03 Mar 2011|02:06pm]
So, apparently, GRRM is so close to done that his publisher went "Fantastic, we're shipping in July"


Can it really be?

Can it be here, now?


So near... And about a week before the 13th Dresden Files launches, too.
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Things I did today [03 Feb 2011|06:27pm]
Installed windows on six machines
Went back and redid one of them because it had to go to a different client
11th hour data transfer on yet another machine for tomorrow morning
3 machines to fix
8 phone support sessions.

More work in the last 5 hours of the day than in the past 3 days combined
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THINGS I HAVE DONE THIS WEEK [02 Feb 2011|01:59pm]
Installed windows on 1 machine
Installed windows on a second machine
changed a video card
changed a power suply.

that is all.
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[01 Jan 2011|03:25pm]
I am sick, and my entire new-years planned weekend is shot

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[05 Oct 2010|07:12am]
Also, it sucks when no-one online is awake as early as I am.
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[05 Oct 2010|06:12am]
today is my first day at a real 8-5 job

i hope no one dies
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Forumopolis: We'll Defend Anything [29 Sep 2010|02:11pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

Even the right of an old woman to shoot a child for vandalising her property.

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[28 Sep 2010|01:29pm]
For reasons unknown, my MSN shat all over itself and deleted basically everyone that I had on there.

So, to people who still read this, just message me on MSN so I can re-add you.
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[25 Sep 2010|08:14am]
So in my quest of news sites to see if I could find out what the fuck those loud, constant, repetitive booming noises were, I found a story about a sixteen year old that got ganged raped at a rave in B.C., had pictures and videos taken of it, and posted on facebook.

What the fuck

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[25 Sep 2010|07:11am]
Whatever it is, it's loud, and coming from upriver somewhere.
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[25 Sep 2010|06:18am]
I keep hearing sounds like detonations off in the distance, and I have no idea what they are
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[25 Aug 2010|08:05am]
the cast is off, and in a surprising twist, so is my back brace, about a month ahead of schedule.

Now to get used to moving my wrist around. the mobility is pretty much shot; I can bend it foreward, and straight, but I can't bend it back at all, and can barely move it side to side.
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[23 Aug 2010|09:05pm]
second cast is coming off tomorrow.


Also, redoing my Empire of Lanos setting to stop being D&D, and be in another system altogether. I already like where it's going.
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[12 Aug 2010|08:17pm]
anyone want to come pick me up and go see Scott Pilgrim this weekend?

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[07 Aug 2010|09:36am]
The Witcher makes me want to track down translated versions of the novels.

if you havent played the game yet, its seriously really cheap on steam, and well worth the price.
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[30 Jul 2010|02:33pm]
people who call starship troopers (the book) facist make me want to choke a bitch >(
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cheesesteak [29 Jul 2010|05:18pm]
deliciousness. especially when it's make with filet mignon, fantastic fresh bread, and my homemade barbeque sauce.

and it took like five minutes to make, too.
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[07 Jul 2010|03:55pm]
thank the gods for central air
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today this happened [30 Jun 2010|08:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I was on my way to work this morning when something interesting happened: I drove into a ditch. The car is pretty much totalled, I think one of the tires flew off like 200 yards away, or so the officer at the scene told me.

So, I'm in quite a bit of shock behind the steering wheel, my wrist hurts, my back kinda hurt, and my finger hurt like a bitch.

And then there was the Breyer's Ice Cream truck who stopped, and the driver who came out and asked me if I was okay, and all I could think was 'So here's the Ice Cream Man here to save me'.

So the nice people called 911, so I was waiting there smoking a cigarette.
I finally get to the hospital and go through the usual round of tests. After about 30 minutes I'm sent off to the x-ray, and after that to the MRI machine because one of the x-rays wasn't clear, then found a spot in the waiting room to hang out until an orthopedic doctor can look at me.

He finally does, and this is the diagnosis:
-One broken wrist (impact fracture, might have driven a joint into another joint), requiring full cast and possibly surgery
-One broken finger, requiring full cast
-One hairline fracture in the L1 vertebrae, requiring back brace
-One chipped tooth
-No more glasses, and eyesight sucks without

I'll be staying in these things for four to six weeks. Someone please send me copious amounts of drugs. Please, God, please.

There will probably be pictures of the totalled car at some point.

So I now have 4-6 weeks where I can't do anything except sit around and watch TV, as both of my arms are in casts and my back is in a brace.

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[05 Jun 2010|08:52pm]
I have just aquired the first Lunar game, for the PSX.

I now require a PSX emulator that isn't shit.
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